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Austrian cuisine & "Hausmannskost"

Most of our Offered food is produced in the farm. On the daily menu according to the season, dishes such as Asparagus, chanterelles, venison, goose, duck and much more! Our specialties such as roast pork, "Hascheeknödel", liver and innards on our menu may not be missing! Sausage and bacon are also generated from our products.


Menu from 11:30 am to 8:30 pm

Fritattensuppe / Milzschnittensuppe / liver dumpling soup
Meat strudel soup / Hirnpofesensuppe / garlic soup

Hot sausages with bread / toast with ham and cheese salad / fries

fried meal:
Wiener Schnitzel with rice, potatoes and salad
Paris cutlet with rice and salad
Schnitzel Elisabeth (with cheese and egg over bake) with rice and salad
Cordon bleu with fries, vegetables and salad
Turkey schnitzel with fries and salad

From the grill:
Mixed grill with french fries, vegetables and salad / fries and salad with Grillkotlett / fillet toast with salad
Turkey steak with french fries, vegetables and salad / Bernese sausages with fries and salad

Cold foods:
Cold plate / Cold roast pork / sausage salad / vinegar / Sausages Homemade jelly in vinegar and oil
Cheese Bread / Wurstweckerl / Schweinsbratenweckerl / salad plate / mixed salad